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Hangzhou so-and-so electronic components company is the most professional insurance components and fuse related products production and vendors, with professional production technology, stable and reliable quality, complete specifications, perfect service system, we have become the numerous well-known company designated suppliers. Products are exported to Middle East, Europe and the United States, the rest of the world. All company products already through the CQC, CCC, UL, VDE, CSA, TUV, CE, SGS certification, etc. Our company provides all kinds of the development of the mould and plastic hardware processing. The main products are: current fuse, miniature fuse, SMT fuse, temperature fuse, auto fuse, self recovery fuse, fuse holder, fuse holder, temperature control switch, dry reed pipe, NTC thermistor, pressure sensitive resistance, photosensitive resistance, etc., for your products provide more authority over current, over temperature, overvoltage protection. Our products are widely used in power supply, switching power supply, chargers, transformers, computer, telephone, home appliances, communication products, lighting products, all kinds of instruments and all kinds of electronic connecting cables, electrical products, etc. Our tenet: quality of survival, service and development. Our goal is to expand your every expectations, and hope and you become a long-term cooperation partners, as our current customers cooperation. When you have such demand, please don't hesitate, we will invest our time, knowledge, money to build a most ideal electronic components solutions to meet your needs, and allows you to keep contact with your competitor's absolute advantage. Wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign electronic sector to provide high quality and low price products and related services. We look forward to having your inquiry and cooperation, create brilliant.

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